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I am ME
SitiNarishaBintiMohdNazrin Is ma name . ppl call me CHA@RISHA . sweet7teen is my age . i was born in tis world 08-12-1993 . now im schooling at s.m Teknik Labuan (yg sungguh buruk) 09/10 intake . building construction is my course (btl ka tu ?) haha :) . i want to be a supergirl . haha . mood : TAKEN :) .  

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miss my boy!!
result PMR.
all time low
PMR result tomorow.
new blog.

about me.
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the real me.

hye all.

me want to introduce my self.haha.
my name siti narisha binti mohd nazrin.my fren sllu pnggl me c cha or icha.if my family bnyk yg pnggl risha or sha or cha.haha.my bufday date 8-12-1993.my age now 15 tomorow 16 tp blm genab.kakaka.me love colourful.me got 4 siblings.me anak yg ke 2 diri 4 siblings.me hate org yg ska tikam dri blkng(mw mengmpat org p tgk dri sendiri dlu)im not a perfect girl.i love music.misuc is my passion.love my stuff.love my family.my besties.my fren.new or old fren.my hubby.me hate ppl judge my life.haha.i want freedom always.im a simple girl.not begaya punya org.bkn jga org lating.kaka.i hate org2 yg lating n perasan lawa mw mati.klu prsan lawa tp mmg dea lwa tia pa.ni.adoiii.tripp sak lebih.haha.fuck haters.its all about me.so enjoy ya.