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SitiNarishaBintiMohdNazrin Is ma name . ppl call me CHA@RISHA . sweet7teen is my age . i was born in tis world 08-12-1993 . now im schooling at s.m Teknik Labuan (yg sungguh buruk) 09/10 intake . building construction is my course (btl ka tu ?) haha :) . i want to be a supergirl . haha . mood : TAKEN :) .  

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all time low
PMR result tomorow.
new blog.

result PMR.
Written at Tuesday, December 30, 2008 | back to top

nasib bek me lulus adoii.tkt sua me gagal ba ni PMR.but tda A bushhh.haha.me got 1B 4C 2D.haha.haizzz.=.=.bt its okey la lulus.me don want gagal eyh.n me jmpa my besties td.wawawa.me go uk sma2 dgn durang.haha.sikit lae td me mw telangar kreta.adoii.klu tlnggr td.mati sua kali.kaka:Dputus lae tu my selipar.haha.tepksa p beli dkt kdai.tu kwn sa p pijak td.adoii.malu oo sa lw jmpa tu kreta 'cahayapack/peck' i dun noe.haha.bt today im so hppy.wakaka.arr.
arr.tu yg psal c alex(all time low).sa slh taip jdi tu c nick.wakaka.sowtxD