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SitiNarishaBintiMohdNazrin Is ma name . ppl call me CHA@RISHA . sweet7teen is my age . i was born in tis world 08-12-1993 . now im schooling at s.m Teknik Labuan (yg sungguh buruk) 09/10 intake . building construction is my course (btl ka tu ?) haha :) . i want to be a supergirl . haha . mood : TAKEN :) .  

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miss my boy!!
Written at Tuesday, December 30, 2008 | back to top

me wit chyntaku!!

he's mine!!
i miss tis boy so much.haha.bla la dea mw p cni lbuan.heee:D.i want to meet him so much.miss gla ma dea ni.adoii.hahaha.me mw ambl balik my hp.sbb hp dea boring.haha.mcm taik.eeee.tia ska sa eyh pkai tu hp dea ni.buruk btl.pndai stuck2 lae ni.adedei.hahaha.tis boy mnta puji.wakakaka.nma dea c FAZLEE BIN AHAD.wakaka.me mw jmpa dea sngt2.sbb mw ambl hp sa balik.haha.tis boy ska kasi skit aty ku.haha.tp aku tatap love him so much.wakaka.mcm prmpuan lae cpt merajuk.haha.tis my hero.haha.daaa.tia tw mw ckp pa lae ni.hee:Dyg pnting can meet tis boy.